Simple XMPPClient

Simple XMPPClient latest release now displays an image of a friend from his roster when he is available. When awy or dnd, corresponding icons are shown.

Another must-have feature, publish and subscribe to other friends, is now supported. When someone makes a request to subscribe to your presence, a pop-up appears that shows the name of the subscriber and a yes/no choice to grant the request. If granted, a similar request for subscription to his presence is send to the subscriber and if he acknowledges your request, he will show up in your roster.

From the menu, a new choice is added that allows you to send subscription request your self to others. If you select ‘subscribe’, a pop-up appears in which you have to fill in the unique address of your friend and submit the request. When your request is granted, your friend will show up in your roster and a second pop-up will ask you if your friend is allowed to see your presence. If you agree, you will be added to his roster.