New Wauwl release stores messages between sessions

A new Wauwl has been released today in Google Play Store. Under the hood, there are some major fixes to enshure improved connectivity, cached messages when the connection breaks and restores. Below you will find the changelog for version 2.0.7.

I have tried to put the complete changelog on Google Play Store in the “Recent Changes” textarea but it only allows up to 500 characters so I have skipped the bugfixes there. Now I am currious where these recent changes will popup since I haven’t managed to find them yet :-).



Changelog Wauwl 2.0.7
New features
- new cache function that stores messages in between sessions and restores them on start
- new keep alive setting to send keep-alive packets every 3 seconds to keep the connection alive
- new auto away presence setting that sets the presence status to Away after 2 minutes of inactivity. This function only works when the current presence status is Available.
- default group name and own nickname are now language dependend
- unsubscribe now using full JID, including the resource
- VCard nullpointer fix when there is no VCard available
- screensize-depended logo's added
- German language translation improvements - thanks to Michael Kaiser