Wauwl supports three more languages

Three more languages have been added to Wauwl today: German, Spanish and Portuguese. Soon, Francais will be added as well. Feel free to respond if you encounter strange translations or other artefacts. It will come to the benifit of the whole Wauwl user base. Cheers.

3 thoughts on “Wauwl supports three more languages

  1. Works! Thanks a lot!

    First impression: gorgeous UI, smooth animations. Battery consumption seems okay.
    Missing a button(/slide) to get back from a chat conversation to the list overview.
    Looking forward for future release.

    I know it’s the first release but for the future I would love to see OTR and file transfer support. A ‘complete’ xmpp client is still a niche. Have tried xabber, gibberbot, yaxim. So far yaxim’s my favourite because it’s the most reliable regarding stabilty. xabber sucked too much battery and gibberbot’s got OTR but sometimes doesn’t connect.

    1. I am glad it works and I will try to improve the manual setup with help and less fields to fill in. A ‘back’ button is high on my totdo list too. OTR and Filetransfer are more time consuming things to implement but comments like your do give me directions for further development so thank you for your remarks. I would love to see your comment in the Play store, if possible.

    2. Cheers for your nice comment in the Play store. In the meantime, I made some improvements as you suggested. With manual login, you first have to enter your loginname, or Jabber Id. When done, the server and service fields are automatically filled in. You can change them of course if they are not correct. I have also set the resource to Wauwl as a default.

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